TheoEco’s Mini-Documentary #1:

Piles of Bricks–Patan/ Lalitpur

February 2016

TheoEco’s Mini-Documentary #2:

Sunday School on Saturday
April 2016

TheoEco’s Mini-Documentary #3:

Range of Damage
April 2016

TheoEco’s Mini-Documentary #4:

National Theological College
May 2016

TheoEco’s Mini-Documentary #5:

May 2016

At TheoEco, we produce guerilla documentaries.


Why documentaries? Primarily because we think the subject/situation is worth telling and documenting, regardless of  the potential commercial viability. We do hope though that we can generate enough returns from our docs to offset TheoEco’s expenses as one of its ventures. So what is guerilla filmmaking? Wikipedia offers the following:


Guerrilla filmmaking refers to a form of independent filmmaking characterized by low budgets, skeleton crews, and simple props using whatever is available. Often scenes are shot quickly in real locations without any warning, and without obtaining filming permits. According to Yukon Film Commission Manager Mark Hill, "Guerrilla filmmaking is driven by passion with whatever means at hand".[1]


This certainly seems to fit us. And as guerrillas our films are a little rough. Our films are made with little to no money. We could wait until we have the money—or, we can just go and start shooting. At TheoEco, we generally choose the latter.