TheoEco’s Mini-Documentary #2:

Sunday School on Saturday
April 2016

Why “Sunday School on Saturday?” Because Saturdays are the day Nepali Christians go to church--Saturday is their Sunday. 


The film picks up with the Nepali family who we meet in the first mini-documentary “Piles of Bricks-Patan/Durbar Square" but now in their church: Golgotha Church, where Rev. Shyam Nepali is rector. We again meet Amit Nepali singing and playing along with some of the very best Nepali Christian musicians. (Amit has a ministry to record the entire Nepali Christian hymnal and is currently about half way through the 400 song collection!) We also see his wife Anu leading Sunday school and their daughter Prashma in the class. You've rarely seen so many enthusiastic little Christians--in Hindu Nepal!


All the elements of a Christian service are present--and though Anglican, the Golgotha Church service is unlike any Episcopal service one will likely experience in the States, though it will feel familiar to most Christians, no matter their denomination. Keep in mind that a typical Kathmandu church service tends to be 2.5-3 hours in length, then followed by tea and biscuits! Fellowship is huge for Nepal’s Christians, so condensing it all into a 10 minute video is a task!


There is lots of music throughout–some familiar and some not.  You’ve never heard “How Great Thou Art” like this! You’ll also notice dance moves by the kids with a distinctive Nepali (Hindu?) flavor.


Want to attend a service? Come with us to Nepal on our Piles of Bricks Tour!  Click here for more information.