TheoEco Ventures

We engage in businesses - the profits of which go to fund TheoEco and its projects.  What kinds of endeavors?  Tours to Nepal and profits from its documentaries are two at the top of the list and include the potential for earthquake insurance in Nepal, a video production company in Kathmandu, and Nepali Christian Music.  TheoEco has a 15% stake in the ventures it participates in and the rest is owned and paid to local partners after expenses and investments.


TheoEco, and the Piles of Bricks “stars” in Nepal, invite you to come and spend some time with them on a “once in a lifetime” trip to Kathmandu and beyond!


TheoEco is working with Christians in Nepal to help human trafficking victims through the promotion of their jewelry found on our Etsy shop.


Music is a constant backdrop to the work we do and TheoEco looks to bring unique artists from its documentaries to new and broader audiences.


As TheoEco researches it also looks to publish to bring different perspectives on the economic, ecological, and theological entanglments it finds.